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Subscription Fitness Boxes

Introducing the Fitness Comes First subscription Fitness Boxes. You can expect workout supplies related to the box’s fitness theme: an ab wheel for a core week, quality jump ropes for an intense at-home cardio workout, and other goodies to enhance your workouts to make them that much more engaging.

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Tommy the Tough Heart

Jobi Morrison is highly passionate about ending children’s homelessness and fighting to give every kid a chance at the life and childhood that they deserve. Currently in its first steps of creation, the Jobi Morrison foundation aims to combat the unfortunate circumstances innocent children find themselves in. More information available soon.



Each purchase of a Tommy the Tough heart directly supports Jobi’s efforts in organizing charity events and making the difference for as many kids as possible. Currently priced at $10.

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Coming Soon: Apparel!

Show off your spirit as a Fitness Assassin! We’re in the process of making a small line of apparel that will allow you to show off your commitment to your body and your warrior will.

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