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Every single fitness model has one thing in common: they trained hard and slaved over their diets to get into the shape that they’re in for a photoshoot, whether it’s for a magazine or for a brief moment on a TV show. Despite what the media might have you think, that’s not a healthy lifestyle – as soon as that photoshoot is over, they go back to looking like a normal athlete because that physique is unsustainable and not very good metabollically. 


The Warrior’s Path is how I live my life. Every facet, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, I’m always trying to improve myself. I look to find that balance, and I parallel the journey we take in life as a series of battles. With each battle we get through, whether succeeding or failing, we’re able to grow as people and learn from our experience. These life ‘battles’ are represented in my tattoos as my own armor. The warrior’s path workout is geared towards those people who are hungry for success and strive to be better. This mentality not about just surviving each individual battle, but getting through them and growing as a person. It’s not a workout routine or diet fad created to sell copies of ‘xyz’ magazine, it’s almost a religion; one designed to make the most of your time.

The Mission Statement

Jobi Morrison through his life experience and career of over two decades of personal training has created a workout regime that targets the fundamentals of weight loss and strength training. He has found that working out consistently has less to do with motivation; it is important of course, everyone has their reason to lose weight (whether it’s prepping for a fitness event, wedding, or just the summer beach season).


But the real substance in achieving one’s fitness goals is the same as any other goal; the mindset shift to make training a habit, not a chore. Our brains are set up in a way where if we are forced to do something or we’re stuck in the mindset of ‘we just need to do it’, we have a lot of troubles accomplishing our goals.


The real trick to losing weight is not feeling like you’re struggling to do it at all, and changing your mindset of “I can’t eat [this, that]” and transforming it to “I don’t want to eat [this, that] because it takes away from my goals.” 


The best diet is the one that you don’t even notice. 


And nobody said it would be easy, the average habit takes 16 weeks to set up.


Are you ready to accept the challenge, to transform yourself into the best shape you’ve ever been in?


If you can imagine it, Jobi’s probably dipped his toes into it. That fascination with the warrior mentality has gone a long way into getting himself involved in some crazy events, the type of events where friends and family said “You’re crazy, there’s no way.” or “You’re in way over your head”.


Jobi Morrison has participated in Spartan Events, American Ninja Warrior tryouts, and holds a First Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. He has also trained in Wing Chun Fist, Ninjutsu, and Kung Fu. Extreme is his style, and he’s passionate about helping you accomplish whatever your heart desires. As a professional devil’s advocate, he lives to help you prove your own friends and family wrong that you CAN be successful, that you CAN accomplish anything, and that you CAN be the best version of yourself no matter where you come from.

Wanna check out the type of training Jobi did to prepare for events like American Ninja Warrior? Click the button below to be taken to his personal youtube playlist where he demonstrates what the human body is capable of.

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