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The Jobi Morrison foundation in the U.S. Is exclusively devoted to ending children homelessness. We invest in proven, lasting, and cost-effective solutions that enable people who have experienced homelessness to reclaim their lives.

Jobi Morrison is Committed

To ending child homelessness.

Jobi is the proud father of two children, and can’t imagine life without them. To give back to the community and to give children in unfortunate circumstances another chance at a better childhood, Jobi personally commits himself to charitable events.


For Jobi, it’s not about donating or participating to check off a box- he strives to make the difference for someone so that they can believe both in themselves and that someone out there really does care. 


Currently, the Jobi Morrison non-profit Foundation is pending review by sancitoning bodies before operations begin. However, Jobi still supports and participates in charitable events.

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Tommy the Tough Heart

Jobi Morrison is highly passionate about ending children’s homelessness and fighting to give every kid a chance at the life and childhood that they deserve.


Each purchase of a Tommy the Tough heart directly supports Jobi’s efforts in organizing charity events and making the difference for as many kids as possible. Currently priced at $10.

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